Pizza Is Not Just Food Its An Emotion

We at Enzo Pizzeria are passionate about serving you excellent food, outstanding music, and extraordinary ambiance. Lifting your spirits as you lift that slice of pizza, taking you to an extraterrestrial destination with every bite while you spoil your t-shirt with pizza sauce. 

That’s what we are all about here at Enzo Pizzeria.

Assured Quality in preston

Assured Quality

We use the finest ingredients available in the pizza industry to create those lasting flavors that you take home with you along with the memories.

Immaculate Taste

Immaculate Taste

Treat your stomach with our delectable & mouthwatering pizzas. There's something on our menu for every mood. Experience love at every bite with us!

baked in perfection

Baked in Perfection

Our dough is made with the finest flour perfected by our chefs to create a light and soft crust, giving our pizza a delectable base that you all love.

Excellence On A Plate

Tempting aroma enveloping you while tender & juicy slices invite you to take a bite.

Made with Love

We take pride in preparing our pizzas with authenticity & love.

Fresh Ingredients

Only the finest ingredients make into our pizza.

vast menu

Vast Menu

We have something for everyone in our vast & detailed menu.

Delightful Taste

Delightful Taste

Experience an exuberance of taste flow with every bite.

What People Says

A charming restaurant offering a wide range of choices on the menu. We took Prestonian and Burnt Butter Gnocchi. Both were terrific and well presented. The ambiance is excellent, offering an outstanding and fresh experience. Worth it while coming again and again. The staff delivers a great experience & they actually care about the customer.

- Stefen

Great ambiance and excellent food. Highly recommend the BBQ Queenslander. It's something else. Visit here to experience the epitome of customer experience presented to you on a plate in the form of a delicious pizza.

- Michael

Excellent location. Uber exotic menu. Simple yet elegant ambiance. Their Paneer Tikka is something to die for. My wife's favorite every time we order from here. Must try.

- George
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